Sunday, May 1, 2016

Web Responsive, SSL driven Jotiz 4.5

Presenting Jotiz 4.5 ( - a completely revamped astrology software that is Web Responsive. It works on all devices – laptops, tablets, small-footprint smart phones, iPad, iPhone, Samsung… Lots of changes, device friendly and fully secure. Yes – Jotiz uses SSL SHA-2 certificates and the protocol is https – which means your communication with the website is completely secure. It has remained free from the beginning; it will remain free for all users without any advertisements as long as possible.

In an unrented garage in a small town suburban home, Jotiz had a small beginning. It was 1986 and the rains were incessant. Built on C-Language using the most versatile compiler – Borland’s Turbo C, the first application ran in DOS. It had no name I can remember; it was a mere astrology software. A gentleman who by profession was a trader had coerced me into writing a software of which I had very little knowledge. In a book-fair, I found several books by B.V. Raman which became my gospel for many years. With the popularity of Intel 386 processors and the advent of Windows 3.1, the astrology software – Mystic was rebuilt with Borland C++ compiler. I remember the excitement of buttons, windows, scrollbars that appeared in a first ever Windows GUI Vedic Astrology system. In 1994 before the announcement of Windows 95, Borland aggressively announced Delphi and a new breed of Mystic was announced in 1995 overlapping Microsoft Windows 95 announcement. It was revolutionary – menus, dialogs, 256 bit images, panels, Paradox data engine took over the interface of Mystic. For a few years it remained dormant until Internet became mainstream and GoMystic appeared in 1998 as a Java applet with fancy calculations. The GoMystic Prediction Engine was registered with the US Copyright Office in early 2000. From an applet to a PHP server based system in 2003 to a complete web responsive system is what it has become – almost 27 years in the making.
It must be perfect then.

Far from it. I still find holes, panaceas, faulty logic – which tells you how complex the system is. Or is it? Why should nature make such a complex system to describe our Karma, our fate? Here’s my answer – every book, manuscript that I have read is concealed in riddles. Most have been authored mindlessly without any divine knowledge or thought. The last few years have been the true revelation for me – I believe I have finally cracked the code. Here is Jotiz (grown from its “nascent-no-named” humble beginning to later day “Mystic”) and finally AquaPisces (
AquaPisces is yet another story. The teachings and doctrines of Parasara, Charaka, Patanjali, William Lilly, Raphael, Varaha Mihira converge into AquaPisces. 

This is first ever attempt in bringing the concepts of astrology, ayurveda, TCM and American native herbal medicine under one roof. Algorithmically it was a challenge, making it web responsive and device friendly was yet another.

Here’s hoping you enjoy Jotiz and AquaPisces as much I enjoyed and struggled in making it.

Today with 15,000 native data, 13,000 + known users, and approximately 25,000 anonymous users Jotiz has come a long way. The new site contains all the previous versions and the new web responsive site built with Bootstrap, JQuery, PHP, MySQL and a bunch of new algorithms.