Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cannot rule out conflicts in a bigger scale

This month and the next will be quite a difficult one. Mercury competing with Sun to stay together is not a big help; add the fact that the new moon day on Sep 27th was a challenging one. To top it you have the 180 degree influence of Uranus Retrograde; and Saturn just 12 degrees apart.

Are we headed for the third war - quite likely. Will it be the same as the earlier two wars - perhaps no. Every conflict has a meagre start and then moves to attracting other players, mundane astrology has the answers to who will be the allies with which axis.

The big question - is it the end of the road for this planet - NO. The species that messed it up may be vanquished or destroyed but it will be business as usual on this earth on time measured on the planets clock and not human.

The human tyrannical influence of 80-120 years (10s of billions of them at any time) slaughtering and plundering has degraded this planet closer to HELL among the better planets where similar life exist.

It is time for the sky-people - Indra, Rudra and Maruts to make a reappearance. The heaven on earth needs to be restored. It may take tens of thousands of years, its worth the way coming back to this earth.